Customer Service


We are online almost 18h/day , and we try to offer the best support for our services. For special needs please contact us using the contact form.
What canwe offer :

  • DSG Tuning and Optimization Services
  • ZF Transmission Tuning and Optimization
  • Car ECU Remaps and Optimization
  • FRF to BIN and SGO to BIN Services. We can also covert BIN to SGO and BIN to FRF for ALMOST ALL VAG Gearboxes.
  • DSG Mechatronic units repair service.
  • Multitronic Repair Services
  • Mercedes G Tronic Repair Service
  • DSG Mechatronic units spare parts.
  • DSG Files in BIN , SGO , FRF, ODX format. (even factory files that are almost impossible to find)
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