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We are pleased to inform you that our online support is available for nearly 18 hours a day, demonstrating our commitment to providing exceptional customer service. For any specific inquiries or special requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us using the provided contact form.

Our Comprehensive Services include:

  1. DSG Tuning and Optimization Services: Our skilled engineers specialize in fine-tuning and optimizing DSG gearboxes, ensuring improved performance, responsiveness, and overall driving experience.

  2. ZF Transmission Tuning and Optimization: We offer expert tuning and optimization services for ZF transmissions, enhancing their performance and functionality.

  3. Car ECU Remaps and Optimization: Unlock the true potential of your vehicle's engine through our car ECU remapping and optimization services, resulting in increased power, torque, and efficiency.

  4. FRF to BIN and SGO to BIN Services: We provide professional conversion services for FRF to BIN and SGO to BIN formats, facilitating compatibility with a wide range of VAG gearboxes. Additionally, we offer BIN to SGO and BIN to FRF conversions for almost all VAG gearboxes.

  5. DSG Mechatronic Units Repair Service: Exclusively available within the EU, we offer expert repair services for DSG mechatronic units, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

  6. Multitronic Repair Services: Exclusively available within the EU, our skilled technicians provide comprehensive repair services for Multitronic transmissions, addressing any issues and restoring their functionality.

  7. Mercedes G Tronic Repair Service: Within the EU, we offer specialized repair services for Mercedes G Tronic transmissions, ensuring their optimal performance and durability.

  8. DSG Mechatronic Units Spare Parts: Within the EU, we supply high-quality spare parts for DSG mechatronic units, ensuring seamless replacements and optimal functionality.

  9. DSG Files in BIN, SGO, FRF, ODX Formats: Our extensive range of tuning files is available in BIN, SGO, FRF, and ODX formats, including factory files that are otherwise difficult to obtain.

Important Considerations:

  • Please carefully review the item description before purchasing as some files are in BIN, SGO, or FRF formats.
  • Before making a purchase, please verify the BIN file size to ensure compatibility with your tool. Adjusting the file size to fit your tool may incur additional charges.
  • In cases where a purchased file is a stock/ori BIN and you require SGO/FRF, please inquire as we may provide it for free alongside your order. Conversion of remapped BIN files to SGO/FRF is available at an additional cost. Please request a quote for this service.
  • Please note that BIN to SGO/FRF conversion is specifically offered for stock files. If you require the conversion of a remap file, kindly contact us for pricing details.
  • Certain remapped files can be provided as SGO/FRF formats, allowing you to flash them using tools such as Vag Can Pro, Odis Engineering, CMD, and Magic Motorsport. If you require a specific BIN size file for your Tuning Tool, please specify your needs, and we will strive to accommodate them.

Additional Information:

  • Some tuning files made for CMD, X17, and other tools are partially encrypted. Customers familiar with CMD should be aware of this.
  • Upon purchasing a downloadable file, the download link will be included in your Order Confirmation email. Kindly check your inbox thoroughly before requesting the download link.
  • If you require a file that is not currently available, please utilize the File Request feature under Service & Support.
  • For any specific file, remap, or original file requests, please utilize the Special Request feature under Service & Support.
  • Please note that we do not operate as a file service website, and therefore, remap requests are not processed instantly. We kindly ask for your patience in such cases.
  • Car and DSG gearbox remapping services are available upon request, although additional time will be required. Please inquire about delivery times before placing a special order.
  • SGO to BIN and FRF to BIN services are not automated, and therefore, instant delivery should not be expected. Each request is manually processed for accurate results.

We also provide BIN to SGO/FRF conversions for the following gearboxes: DQ200, DQ250, DQ380, DQ381, DQ500, DL501, DQ400, DL382, DL800, VL300, VL381, AL1000, and AQ450. Additionally, we offer IMMO OFF services for DQ250, DQ200, DQ400, DL501, EDC17, and MED17.

Please note that there are no refunds available for purchased files.

Discover the power of DSG Flash Files with our specialized DSG tuning and remapping services. Trust us to deliver exceptional results for your vehicle's performance and driving experience.

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