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 We will be closed for SUMMER VACATION between 21 June and 13 JULY !
No manual requests will be processed during this period and IF processed expect long delays.

Discover Your Desired Files with Ease: Can't find the specific file you're searching for? Not to worry! We proudly offer 95% of VAG gearbox files to fulfill your needs.
Our library is growing daily, though due to the vast volume of data, the complete database setup may take some time.

Variety of Formats, Comprehensive Descriptions: Our files come in diverse formats including BIN, SGO, and FRF. Before making a purchase, we kindly urge you to review the item description diligently. Keep an eye on the BIN file size – customization to suit your tool may involve extra charges.

Need a Different Format or Size? In case your chosen file is a STOCK / ORI BIN, yet you require an SGO / FRF version, please feel free to inquire. We might just have what you're looking for, which can be added to your order at no extra cost. If we do NOT have the file in the desired format already made, conversion might involve extra charges.

For remapped BIN files, we offer paid conversions to SGO / FRF – simply ask us for a quote.

Expanded Conversion Possibilities: Unlocking even more possibilities, we offer BIN to SGO / FRF conversions for a range of gearboxes, including We can also convert BIN 2 SGO / FRF the following gearboxes : DQ200 , DQ250 , DQ380 , DQ381 , DQ500 , DL501 , DQ400 , DL382 , DL800 , VL300 , VL381 , AL1000, AQ450 and more.
Offering also : DQ250 IMMO OFF , DQ200 IMMO OFF , DQ400 IMMO OFF , DL501 IMMO OFF , EDC17 IMMO OFF , MED17 IMMO OFF
, and more.

Personalized Support for Your Needs: We're equipped to cater to your specific needs. If your Tuning Tool requires a specialized BIN file size, let us know – we may be able to provide or adjust accordingly. Please remember, certain tuning files intended for CMD, X17, and similar tools feature PARTIAL ENCRYPTION – an important consideration.

Smooth File Access and Support Channels: Upon purchasing an existing file, your download link will be included in your Order Confirmation email.
To request files not currently available, make use of our File Request feature under Service & Support.
For more unique needs, such as special files or remaps, turn to our Special Request option in the same section.

Are you considering tuning your DSG gearbox? Look no further. We offer expert DSG gearbox remapping to achieve optimal performance and reliability. Why choose us over other tuning companies? Our deep expertise with DSG gearboxes sets us apart.
We work with these systems daily, understanding both their electronics and mechanics. We prioritize safety and reliability, ensuring that every remap is meticulously tailored to your specific needs. We consider all factors and put your gearbox's well-being first.
Our team will provide you with the best advice and guidance for your DSG transmission.
While other companies might overlook the importance of reliability, we prioritize it, ensuring a remap that is safe and perfectly suited to your vehicle.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: We operate with your satisfaction in mind. While we're not an instant file service, rest assured that we can fulfill your remap requests. Kindly allow some time for processing. For those interested in remapping their vehicles or DSG Gearboxes, please inquire about delivery time before placing your order.

Important Notes:

  • SGO to BIN and FRF to BIN services are not automated, so immediate delivery is not guaranteed. Each request is processed manually.
  • Please be informed that all purchases are non-refundable.
  • Experience the ultimate in DSG Flash Files, DSG Tuning, and DSG Remaps with us!

Thank you for choosing us as your source for quality tuning solutions. Your automotive journey just got more exciting!


DSG Support
  1. DSG Software Finder By VIN
    DSG Software Finder By VIN
    Special Price €12.00 Regular Price €30.00
  2. DSG Optimized Drivability
    DSG Optimized Drivability
    Special Price €50.00 Regular Price €100.00
  3. DSG IMMO OFF Service / DSG Immo Transfer
    DSG IMMO OFF Service / DSG Immo Transfer
    Special Price €40.00 Regular Price €150.00
  4. DSG Remaping Service
    DSG Remaping Service
    Special Price €70.00 Regular Price €180.00


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