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When using the SEARCH FUNCTION please REMOVE SPACES from the Software Version !
Example : If yur part number is 02E 300 050 X , your search term should be : 02E300050X !
Thank you !


If you can not find the file you are looking for , let us know , we can provide 95% of the VAG geabox files !

We are adding files daily but the amount of data is huge and will take some time until our full database is up and runing !

DSG Files is trying to cover all your DSG files needs.
Most of our BIN files are a DIRECT conversion from SGO  / FRF to BIN , please CHECK description before you buy.

SOME Files are in BIN, some in SGO , some FRF format !!!
Please read item description before you buy.

If the purchased file is a BIN and you need a SGO / FRF , please ask , we might have it and you can get it for free beside
your order.

We can also convert BIN 2 SGO / FRF the following gearboxes : DQ200 , DQ250 , DQ380 , DQ381 , DQ500 , DL501 , DQ400 , DL382 , DL800 , VL300 , VL381 , AL1000, AQ450

BIN TO SGO / FRF Conversion is offered for stock files ! If you need a REMAP file converted , please contact us for the price !!!

If you need a special BIN size file your Tuning Tool , please specify, we might be able to provide.
SOME Tuning files made for CMD are PATIALLY ENCRYPTED ! (but if you work with CMD should know that).

When you purchase an EXISTING FILE , the DOWNLOAD LINK will be in your Order Confirmation mail , so please
double check your inbox before you start asking for download link.

If you need a file that we do not have , please use the File Request under Service & Support.

If you need a special file , remap , ori file and so long , please use the Special Request under Service & Support.

We DO NOT run a FILE SERVICE website , so remap requests are NOT processed within 1h or such.
We can remap your car or DSG Gearbox upon request but this will take some time, please ask the delivery time BEFORE you place a special order.

SGO to BIN and FRF to BIN Service is not an automated service, please do not expect INSTANT delivery. Each Request is
processed manually.
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