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If you can not find the file you are looking for , let us know , we can provide 95% of the VAG geabox files !

We are adding files daily but the amount of data is huge and will take some time until our full database is up and runing !

SOME Files are in BIN, some in SGO , some FRF format !!! Please read item description before you buy.
If the purchased file is a BIN and you need a SGO / FRF , please ask , we might have it and you can get it for free beside
your order.

We can also convert BIN 2 SGO / FRF the following gearboxes : DQ200 , DQ250 , DQ380 , DQ381 , DQ500 , DL501 , DQ400 , DL382 , DL800 , VL300 , VL381 , AL1000, AQ450
Offering also : DQ250 IMMO OFF , DQ200 IMMO OFF , DQ400 IMMO OFF , DL501 IMMO OFF , EDC17 IMMO OFF , MED17 IMMO OFF

BIN TO SGO / FRF Conversion is offered for stock files ! If you need a REMAP file converted , please contact us for the price !!!
We offer remapping services for DQ200 , DQ250 , DQ380 , DQ381 , DQ500 , DL501 , DQ400 , DL382 , DL800 , VL300 , VL381 , AL1000, AQ450

Some remapped files can be offered as SGO / FRF so you can flash them with tools that can flash this files ,
like Vag Can Pro , Odis Engineering, CMD, Magic Motorsport.

If you need a special BIN size file your Tuning Tool , please specify, we might be able to provide.
SOME Tuning files made for CMD , X17 and some other tools are PATIALLY ENCRYPTED ! (but if you work with CMD should know that).

When you purchase an EXISTING FILE , the DOWNLOAD LINK will be in your Order Confirmation mail , so please
double check your inbox before you start asking for download link.

If you need a file that we do not have , please use the File Request under Service & Support.

If you need a special file , remap , ori file and so long , please use the Special Request under Service & Support.

We DO NOT run a FILE SERVICE website , so remap requests are NOT processed Instantly , please have patience!!!
We can remap your car or DSG Gearbox upon request but this will take some time, please ask the delivery time BEFORE you place a special order.

SGO to BIN and FRF to BIN Service is not an automated service, please do not expect INSTANT delivery. Each Request is
processed manually.
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