About us

Welcome to DSGFiles, the car tuning company with a team of highly knowledgeable engineers specializing in DSG gearbox tuning. We take pride in our expertise and commitment to delivering top-notch tuning solutions for automotive enthusiasts worldwide.

About Us:
At DSGFiles, we are passionate about maximizing the performance of your DSG gearbox and driving experience of your vehicle. Our dedicated team of engineers possesses extensive knowledge and experience in fine-tuning DSG gearboxes, ensuring optimal performance, enhanced responsiveness, and improved overall driving dynamics.

Tuning Files:
We offer cutting-edge tuning files delivered in BIN format, which is the most common and widely supported file type. However, we also provide tuning files in SGO, FRF, and ODX formats to cater to various preferences and requirements. Our files are meticulously developed and rigorously tested to ensure seamless integration with your vehicle's DSG gearbox.

International Presence:
With a global presence, DSGFiles has established partnerships in multiple countries. Our esteemed partners are located in Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Romania, the USA, South Africa, and Dubai. These collaborations enable us to serve customers around the world, ensuring that our exceptional tuning services are accessible to enthusiasts no matter their location.

Why Choose Us:

  • Expert Engineers: Our team comprises highly knowledgeable engineers who possess an in-depth understanding of DSG gearboxes and the intricacies of their tuning. They continuously stay updated with the latest industry trends and technological advancements to provide you with the best solutions.

  • Unparalleled Performance: We are committed to delivering unrivaled performance enhancements, including improved acceleration, enhanced gear shift speed, optimized launch control, and refined torque delivery. Our tuning solutions are designed to take your driving experience to the next level.

  • Rigorous Testing: Every tuning file undergoes rigorous testing on dynamometers and real-world road simulations. This meticulous testing ensures that our tuning solutions maintain the highest standards of quality, reliability, and safety. We want to make your DSG gearbox experience pleasant and reliable.

  • Performance Enhancement: By fine-tuning the DSG gearbox, we unlock the true potential of your vehicle. Our tuning process optimizes gear shifting speed, torque delivery, launch control, and overall performance. You will experience improved acceleration, enhanced throttle response, and a more dynamic driving experience that will leave you exhilarated every time you get behind the wheel.

    Customized Solutions: We understand that each vehicle and driver have unique requirements. That's why we offer customized tuning solutions tailored to your specific needs, driving style, and vehicle modifications. Our goal is to provide a personalized experience that exceeds your expectations.

  • Excellent Customer Support: At DSGFiles, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers. Our dedicated customer support team is always ready to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. We strive to provide exceptional service throughout your tuning journey.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your vehicle's DSG gearbox? Contact DSGFiles today and let our expert engineers provide you with a tailored tuning solution that will elevate your driving experience to new heights. Reach out to us via phone, email, or visit our website for more information.

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