About us

With more than 20 years of experience , DSG Files team is ready to serve all your needs. We are online almost 18h/ day. 

We started the business back in 1998 focusing on the Auto Industry. Our team is spread all over the the Globe and we are a team of dedicated Engineers , Developers and Reverse Engineers,
so we could satisfy almost all your needs when it comes to the Auto Industry , specially on the software development part.
We do remaps , so called chip tuning , for all brands of vehicles and our team is present in many countries like Austria, Australia , Belgium, Denmark , Italy , France , Germany , Holland ,
Romania , Switzerland, USA , Turkey , and maybe we forgot some :) 

Our main current focus is software development for the Automotive industry with a high expertize in DSG gearboxes from VAG (DSG 6-7 with wet and dry clutch ) but we can also help with other brands like BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Mazda, Ford etc.

We are also specialized in repairs for the Electric / Electronic part of the DSG Gearboxes. 

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