DSG File Service

About DSG Files

YOU NEED AN UPGRADE SOFTWARE for your DSG Gearbox and you don't know which one to flash ?
Let us know and we will supply you with the latest firmware upgrade for YOUR DSG Gearbox.

We are a specialized in DSG gearboxes and mechatronic units.
Company was founded in 2008 but we have been in the industry since 2003 when the first DSG gearboxes came on the market.

With over 10 years of experience we can help you with almost anything related to the DSG Gearboxes.
We're currently supplying file service and support to many of the world leading companies in the industry.

What can we offer :

- DSG Files , standard BIN and encrypted files ready to be flashed with VAS.
- DSG Tuning files as standard Binary or encrypted (SGO , FRF, ODX ) ready to be flashed with VAS or VCP.
- DSG Mechatronic units, new and refurbished.
- DSG Mechatronic units repair services.
- DSG Valves and Solenoids.
- Standard Original ECU files.
- Tuned ECU files.
- DPF Removal
- IMMO OFF Services.
- EGR Removal services.
- Technical Support for DSG Gearboxes.

We have partners on all continents and we are able to ship all over the world when it comes to phisical hardware.
Let us know what you need and we will make the best efforts in order to help you.